Friday, August 15, 2008

Alex's last weekend in Corpus

This trip has gone by so fast for us. We headed for Texas on August 1st and then we met up with the Curiel clan in Branson, Missouri to have a mini vacation. We were on our way to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to view the Passion Play when Aleida's father got the call that her uncle was in the hospital. We immediately started heading to Texas and we pulled over somewhere in Arkansas called Mena. After we got situated Mr. Curiel was told that his brother would not make it through the night. The next morning we drove for about 3 hours when we got the call that his brother had passed away earlier in the morning. We finally made it to Corpus around 10ish last Thursday. The entire family came in again which was a sad time because they had a family reunion at the end of July. We have been spending time with the Curiel family and trying to make sure the Benavides family gets a good amount of our time as well. We were able to see Alex's cousin get married on Saturday. We are so drained. The funeral took place on Wednesday and yesterday we finally realized that Alex's time here is coming to an end because he needs to go back to work. This saddens us because there were so many people we wanted to catch up with while we were down here and now we don't see that happening. Please pray that we enjoy the company of everyone we spend with these last few days. Aleida will be staying here a little longer so hopefully she can catch up with some friends of hers she hasn't seen in a while. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Benavides family

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