Monday, June 30, 2008

Block Party!

Well today on base (NASB - Naval Air Station Brunswick), we went to the annual neighborhood block party. This is a party that is open to the entire base and they give free food and have tons of things for kids to do. The party was from 11-4 but we only went for a little over 2 hours because Alex had to get back to work. We were sad because they canceled the carnival, funnel cakes, and cotton candy because they thought it was going to rain. It has been raining every day for the past week but usually the rain doesn't come until everyone is off from work and then it rains so you don't get to enjoy a day out. This morning we woke up and it was dark as usual so we debated if we should go or not but today is the day before payday and it is a free event with free food so how can you really pass up on that? I decided we were going to go anyway just for the free food. I am so bad I know.

Well we get there and the line was so long but thankfully we saw our neighbor and she was sitting at a table with her husband so Alex sat with them while I went to get the food and drinks. We ate and then we went to go stand in another line to build a car sponsored by Home Depot but they were shutting down so they let us take some free things to build at home so know Alex and Isaiah and Nanael will have to build it at home. We were more excited at that anyway because that is a neater bonding experience then having a stranger help you. After that Isaiah and his buddy Nathaniel from across the street stood in line to dunk people in the dunking booth. They never made it to the front of the line but Isaiah laughed and giggled to see the people fall in the water. Isaiah danced so much to all the music the DJ played. We had so much fun just watching the kids have fun. Nathanael and I sat under a huge plane to be in the shade and Nathanael just had fun crawling around in grass. We ended our little fun day with getting ice cream and walking Alex back to work.

Now we are at home and the kids were so hot that I changed diapers and let them cool down a bit and now they are enjoying nap time. I think I am enjoying nap time more but that is ok. We all need a break sometime, right?

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