Friday, June 27, 2008


Isaiah has been able to count to five perfectly but recently we started counting to ten and he gets eight, nine and ten perfect but struggles with six and seven. We figure it is because of the letter "s". For some reason he struggles with words that start with "s". Anyways yesterday at lunch we were eating corndogs and Alex cut his corndog up in little pieces and he started counting the pieces and he finally said six. We were so excited. He attempted to say seven but that didn't come out the way it should have. :)

This week Nathanael started taking steps as he pushed his little hippo push toy. I was excited to see it a few days ago but he did it for Alex last night and we were so excited. He turned 11 months old yesterday and we just can't believe it. Yesterday he woke up and he looked like a little man who is getting big. In a way it makes me sad.

Well that is just little things that made us excited this week.

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