Wednesday, November 19, 2008

10 Things Alex loves

1. He loves the Lord. My husband struggled with the fact that God loved him unconditionally for so long but he understands it now and is striving in every effort to be the man that God wants him to be.

2. He tells me he loves me and being married to me all the time so of course this one was a must to post.

3. He loves the sound of Isaiah stopping everything he is doing once he hear the front door open and Isaiah runs to the front door yelling, "Daddy" with wide open arms.

4. He loves that Nathanael stays where he is with arms held up because he wants daddy to hold him the minute he walks through a door.

5. He loves those moments where both boys are sitting on his lap and watching some TV show that he is watching usually it is news but he stops and watches the boys and his heart melts. He always whispers to me to watch them and he loves every moment with them.

6. He loves children. Believe it or not...most people would not believe it because it wasn't too long ago that when I was pregnant with Nathanael that he said he didn't want any more kids but the Lord has really changed his heart and he is always talking about how he wants a lot of kids and he can't wait till all of the kids are sitting on his laps and the sides of him with his arms around all of them.

7. He loves pizza. This man would eat pizza for every meal if I allowed it.

8. He loves Chinese food. This would be option two if pizza is not available.

9. He loves my apple spice cake. I like to try new recipes and one day I tried this dessert recipe and once he saw it was a cake he automatically said he wouldn't eat it because my husband does not like cake at all. He ended up giving in and trying it anyway and he is always asking for this cake now. I think I will make it for his birthday in 2 weeks.

10. He loves guns. He is always talking about different types of guns and I couldn't care less about it but I let him have his wants but his wants don't always meet the budget so he settles for talking about it. He did buy a gun last year and finally got to use it this past weekend when he went shooting with the guys. Shooting is what the guys like to do up here to pass the time since there is not much else to do.

I realize most of his loves have to do with family but it is because it is the truth. He tries to put on a face where he is tough but he really is a teddy bear inside.


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