Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Yesterday I went in for my physical check up with my midwife and everything is going well. The family went but because they needed to do the physical the kids waited in the play area with Alex so Isaiah won't get scared. He is funny about the midwife touching my belly. At the last visit when she was trying to find the heartbeat he kept pointing and looking at Alex saying, "hurt Mommy". We kept telling him she isn't hurting mommy she is just trying to find the heartbeat of the baby so we figured for this kind of appointment everyone will just wait outside. We don't want to scare the kid too much. Haha. The midwife is happy that I put the weight back on and have officially started putting on weight. I have gained 1/2 pound during this pregnancy which is a great start. I told her that with Thanksgiving right around the corner I am sure I will put on another pound or two. We heard the heartbeat and the heartbeat was at 160. I am so relieved to hear the heartbeat loud and clear this time because in all honesty I was starting to not believe I was pregnant even though I have a protruding belly and morning sickness which is absolutely horrible. Everyone is noticing now that I am pregnant because of my belly but I have to remind most of the people who make a big deal about it (most of the people who make a big deal only have one child or is pregnant with their first child) that this is my third pregnancy so my body is already doing what it is supposed to do just at a faster pace because this isn't my first pregnancy. In a way it makes me upset because I am definitely hormonal and I just start having weight issues but my wonderful husband Alex has been doing a great job of telling me how beautiful I am. I don't know why I am struggling with body issues with this pregnancy but I am and I wish I could just enjoy completely the fact that my body is just doing what God designed it to do in order to bring another life into this world. I guess the reason I struggle is because I started all of my pregnancies overweight and although I have lost all the pregnancy weight before I have never been able to get any smaller than what I was before. I do realize that because of my weight I technically fall into the category where I can't gain the typical amount of weight that a woman is supposed to gain during a pregnancy but at the same time I have never stressed about it until now. This has to come during a time where we (Alex and I) have already agreed that we are going to make sure that I do everything possible to make sure we have a healthy baby because of both of my boys being so small at birth. The midwife told me yesterday our goal is to make sure this baby is over 6 pounds and she will be happy. She is going to make sure we start measuring the baby more often in order to make sure we are on track with this goal. My next appointment is 12/8/08 which happens to be Isaiah's third birthday so that should be a good day and hopefully we will see more good news. By the time December 8th comes around I should be between 18-19 weeks along so I am assuming she is going to schedule my sonogram for a week or two later so we can find out the sex of the baby. We decided that if the baby shows us what he/she is then we will know if not then we will be surprised. My midwife did make a comment that some people say if you have tons of morning sickness they normally say you are having a girl and I told her that I sure hope so because I am hoping for a girl. I am already telling the boys that we are hoping to have a baby girl because I want it so bad but I will be happy if we have another boy too.

I am sorry this post is incredibly long. I started with the intention of giving just a quick update and then I went and spilled my emotions to you. Please just pray for this area for me and that I remain in good spirits for the sake of everyone in my house. Love you all.



leah said...

Aleida you are beautiful :) I am sometimes emotionally unstable myself so I understand your feelings. Remember our emotions can sometimes become lies that we get too wrapped up in, when we really know the truth deep inside.
I'm praying for a healthy baby. Thanks for the updates!

Will & Abby's Life said...

Aleida, that's great news about the heartbeat!

I agree with Leah, you ARE beautiful and your body is fearfully and wonderfully made to carry and grow a new little life, how awesome is that?

My doctor wants me to gain 20-30 lbs and I'm not looking forward to seeing the numbers on the scale increase either, but a healthy baby is more important. Most of the weight gain is baby or baby related anyway.

The chinese gender predictor thing says I'm going to have a boy...and I haven't had any morning sounds like we'll both be finding out what we're having (hopefully) around the same time.