Monday, August 3, 2009

Benavides Vacation

Our family vacation started yesterday after Alex got off work or should I say when I stopped working. I didn't want a total train wreck when I got home so I managed to have the upstairs completely spotless and the downstairs is almost spotless but Alex made me stop working because he said I was due a vacation. He is such a wonderful husband.

So we got on the road around 3ish because I just never made it to the store for a few items. We were able to make it at least 3 hours in our drive to Texas before we decided to pull over. It was a good thing we pulled over when we did. Nathanael was so cranky. Nathanael spent a good portion of Saturday night in the ER because his ear was three to four times the normal size. I was nursing Naomi on the couch and my sons pulled their little red chairs in front of me so they could watch their little movie and from behind I noticed Nathanael's ear. To me it looked very red and a little swollen. I mentioned it to Alex but he kind of brushed me off because he was busy loading the car. Later when he finally settled down for the night I mentioned it again and he noticed it too but by this time it was bigger. We weren't sure what it was so I told Alex to take him while I stayed behind with the other ones because I didn't want to take everyone there. Turned out it was only a black fly bite but his ear is still huge. That incident paired up with a lack of a nap made him very cranky so we pulled over early. After eating dinner we decided to take the kids to the pool because they love swimming and after all it is their vacation too. We had such a blast and when we said it was time to go the kids were more than eager to listen and get ready to go too. After they bathed they knocked out and they are still sleeping.

Today we are going to try to make up some ground and our goal is to end up in Virginia tonight. Hopefully it happens but we are not in a hurry to get anywhere. We are just enjoying the time as a family. Please keep us in prayer this month as we travel here and there. Hope you have a blessed day.


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