Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick Update

The month of August has come and gone for us. We were on vacation for three weeks of this month and just got back Sunday early morning (4am). We spent the day resting and doing laundry and then Monday got on our normal routines for now. Monday I started homeschooling Isaiah so we have developed new schedules around this new development. We started off with the intention of only doing Preschool with him but in most areas he has far exceeded the expectation that is involved so we are throwing a few different things into the midst. I have since ordered a Kindergarten curriculum and we will be adding a few kindergarten things for him to learn. We are still doing majority Preschool things but my focus is mainly on learning Spanish versions of words like the alphabet, colors, and shapes. We are also working on building his hand muscles so a lot of our day is using scissors, glue sticks, crayons and pencils. All of this to train his hand muscles to do bigger boy things. He is doing so well and within 2 days he is already reciting scripture. We are so excited. We are focusing on how God created the world and yesterday he quoted Genesis 1:1. I know such a simple verse but such a huge accomplishment for a 3 1/2 year old. Needless to say that the grandparents are super excited. They can't wait to see this homeschooling business into action for their own eyes. They will be able to see it soon now that we finally got orders.

So that leads me to the new things in our life. We learned in late July we were going to be moving to Pennsylvania. The funny thing is it is the same place we visited over the Fourth of July weekend. So we are moving 8 hours south of us. The thing is that my husband is being sent to Fort Worth first to learn the new airplane he will be working on. He will be sent to Fort Worth for 70 days in January so we are debating on packing our stuff up in December and having it placed in storage until he is done with school and we can move to PA when he is ready. In the mean time he will be living in a bachelors quarters while in Fort Worth so we (the kids and I) are more than likely going to be moving back to Corpus and try to arrange it to see Alex on the weekends or something. We are still talking out logistics but that is where we stand as of now. We are so excited about this new venture for us. Once we finally move to Pennsylvania we will only be there less than a year and then we are off to New Jersey if my husband stays in the military. He only has a year or so left so we may only see PA but NJ is a big possibility for us. We are excited anyways because we know that the Lord will guide us in every move we make.

So now that I have gotten a late start on the day I need to feed all the kids and then begin school before my dentist appointment. This week has definitely been busy but it is a nice busy and I can't wait to see how the school year will bring much more joy to our house.


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