Friday, September 11, 2009

Learning to Let Go

Last night was the first night of many nights of this lesson of learning to let go and trust God when it comes to our children. It is funny because you think you would know this by now. Alex and I didn't realize how closely we held our children until we went to a new/old church for Awana. I say new because Isaiah was too young to remember being there because he was only 1 when we attended the church but it is old because we used to attend this church. I remembered a few days ago that they have the Awana program so I looked them up and called to find out if it was too late to get him registered. We have been debating for some time now if it was worth trying to get him into the program because we are moving sometime in December or January and we didn't know the cost and so forth. We finally said let's let him do it because he is enjoying memorizing scripture for school why not let him get to enjoy other kids his age and still learn about how much God loves him.

So last night was the first club meeting and everything went smoothly until a little girl came and grabbed Isaiah by the hand to take him off because Nathanael wanted to go too but he is only 2 and you have to be at least 3. All we heard was crying for a good ten minutes or so. We were told when the time for cubbies would be over and then we left. As we left we just looked at each other and said this is definitely hard to just leave. It just wasn't the same without our Isaiah. I tried to be brave as I told my husband our little boy is growing up. We had to let go at some point or he will never learn how to be a big boy. We sat in silence for a few minutes and then we had to figure out what to do for the next hour and a half because this church is a good 15-20 minutes from where we live so we went to the case lot sale that the commissary is having and then we took Nathanael to the park and he had such a blast. I think Thursday evenings from now on will be filled with days at the park as long as the weather allows it to happen because at some point it got too cold last night for Naomi to be out. We are definitely in the fall now. As I type this message it is 50 degrees out and it is only 8 something in the morning.... When we went to pick up Isaiah he was excited to see me because he wanted to share with me all the things he did but in between that time he didn't even know we had left the church.

This experience was so very hard for us because we have never left our children with anyone besides our parents and we left Isaiah one time with a friend of ours when I went into labor with Nathanael for a few hours and then both boys with a family we are friends with for a few nights but they spent the days with us while I was in the hospital with Naomi. It was hard for us but it made it easier knowing that the Lord has his hands over our little boy. I can't even imagine how much harder it is going to be when he is older.

Well I hope you have a great day.

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