Thursday, June 3, 2010

Has it really been since Sept since I last posted?

Wow...I decided to take a break and blog a little only to realize that we hadn't posted anything since September. How crazy is that? So much has happened but let me see if I can condense my updates. In September, I started homeschooling Isaiah with a pre-k curriculum and it is so amazing to see how much he has learned in those months. When we first started he was barely learning to hold scissors and a pencil and now you can't seem to stop him when it comes to writing his name and anything else he wishes. In December/January, we had movers come pack us up and move us to the state of PA. We started a new life to a very different place than we were used to. We grew to fall in love with Maine and life in the city is very different. Even our kids notice but they are happy with wherever we end up. Just as we begin getting used to the area and the new budgets we had set in place the Lord reminded us once again that he was in charge. We learned in March that our tenant would be moving out of our townhouse in TX by the end of April. Of course with the move and other unexpected expenses that came up we realized we only had enough savings to cover two more months of mortgage payments. Once again we found ourselves placing all of our circumstances in the Lord's hands. We have since had enough to cover two house payments and make repairs to the townhouse to sell. Don't get me wrong we are not living extravagantly by any means. We have had to pinch pennies even more but we have had more than enough and have never gone without. Isn't our Lord good?

So now we are more recent...last month we celebrated our daughter's first birthday. She is such a joy. She has brought a completely different joy to our house. She is still very small. She only weighs 16 pounds but she is going non-stop. She will more than likely be walking here soon. We got to visit with the Curiel grandparents for 5 days a couple of weeks ago. That was wonderful. The kids were sad when they left and that tugged at our hearts so much. It is crazy how big they are getting and they do notice when their loved ones are gone. We wrapped up the school year last Friday. We enjoyed the curriculum that we used this year for Isaiah that we decided to use the same curriculum for Nathanael this year now that he will be 3 in July. He is very interested in school already. As far as Isaiah the Lord completely answered my prayers. A few years ago I happened to see this PACE that friends of ours used to homeschool their kids and finally asked them about it and they told me who they ordered their curriculum through. I researched them and came to learn that this is exactly what I was looking for. I used to use these PACEs when I was in private school my freshman year. After receiving brochures I realized this is exactly what I wanted but I knew it would be a little pricier than we wanted to go so I prayed about it and left it in the Lord's hands because after all the husband would have to approve it in order for monies to be spent. A week later I showed all of my findings to the husband and he was excited and said this is definitely the route I want to go. So needless to say we have been putting money aside to cover the yearly fee and the curriculum fee. We decided to enroll him in Lighthouse Christian Academy but I will still be homeschooling him at home. They just keep all of his school records on file for us. After all the papers were signed they sent us a Reading Readiness Test to see where he would be placed and he scored perfectly. He has been placed in First grade. This was exciting to us because originally he was going to be placed in kindergarten because of his age but the tests confirm he is ready to begin reading so we will be starting first this school year. We decided we will be starting school again once his curriculum is ordered and has arrived. We were originally going to start in mid August but since we will be moving again very soon then we decided to start a little earlier so we don't get too far behind with the next move. The great thing about the next move is that we are only moving about 45 minutes away from where we are now.

So I guess that about sums up what we have been up to. I look forward to reading my friends blogs to see what life has been like for them.

In Christ,


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Good to see ya'll are doing well :) I was wondering..