Sunday, June 13, 2010

Successful week

We are so blessed to have people that pray for us on a regular basis. This past week we knew it was going to be a rough one because of schedules and what nots but over all we had a great week. We completed our first week of P90X which let me say is an intense workout but we achieved our goal of making it through the first week. Today is our day of rest so hopefully we can continue on our journey of staying healthy.

Friday, I's curriculum came in so we spent the afternoon organizing the dining room and creating schedules of how the school year will go. Today we purchased N his first school box for his Pre-K year and he was so thrilled. It is so encouraging to see how eager the kids are for learning. They are the ones nudging us the majority of the time to continually be in school mode. We tell them they need to learn to have rest time too because when they get older they are going to want these summer breaks. Although we would love to stay in summer mode we must get back to school mode because of the move that will be happening again within this school year. We haven't heard officially when it will happen but rumor is it will be somewhere between October and February so I need a cushion so we can take some weeks off during that time. Moving takes a lot of work but the good thing is once we get to New Jersey we should be put for at least 2-3 years so we can get back to a normal school schedule once we get situated unless we decide to have this year round schedule with a week or two off after each semester. We shall see how the kids adjust to the changes they will be enduring once again.

So the rest of today will consist of naps and rest before we begin our 2010-2011 school year tomorrow.

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