Monday, June 7, 2010

New Week

We have been sick for almost two weeks with a stomach bug in our house until this weekend. Finally we turned the corner and everyone is feeling great so we got out of the house for the first time in two weeks. Can I just say it was so wonderful? We finally had a great breeze with little humidity so it was great! We went for our daily run that we have not got do for two weeks like I mentioned so I was expecting for a lot of breaks but lo and behold I made it. I jogged at the same speed for two whole miles. I am so excited. Alex ran along pushing the kids in our three seater. My goal is to get to the pushing and running phase but I met my first goal of running the entire time. We celebrated by letting the kids play at the park for a while so I can catch my breath. We then came home to eat lunch and begin our new workout. Yes, we have begun the P90X workouts and boy was it tough. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day too.

I now sit and take a few seconds to myself as everyone is napping and the husband is at work. I just ordered Isaiah's curriculum for this school year and now I need to sit and create my schedule. We need to plan out how this school year will run now that both the boys will be homeschooling this year. (Isaiah will be in 1st grade and Nathanael will be in Pre-K) I also need to incorporate baby sign time with the baby girl while the boys do their school work. We are going to be starting the new school year soon because we are moving again within this school year and I don't want to get behind plus we take a month off for the Christmas holiday and this year the husband will be going on a deployment for a month so we have a lot of adjustments to fix in our little schedule. Please pray for us as we schedule our schedule. We had a rough week last week because the husband is working ridiculous hours (3:30 pm - 5 am) the latest. It ranges from 3-5 am. This week looks like it will be the same so please pray we handle it better than we did last week. I remind myself constantly that the Lord never gives us too much to handle and as long as I am walking with Him I am good!

Have a great week!

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