Sunday, July 11, 2010


Wow where do I start? When we first moved to Maine we were so excited because we knew that it was very clear that God wanted us to move there and he opened up doors to take us there. While we lived in Maine the first couple of years we struggled because we were so far away from our family and friends. After our hardships we finally got connected with a good church and we thrived within our Christian community. The last year or two we were in Maine we have really learned how to depend on each other and we have grown so much in the Lord. There were several times during that time we debated doing what we wanted but we never felt God gave us the ok to pursue what we wanted. God constantly put it on our heart to remain where we are and He will show us where to go and what to do next. Now we are in Pennyslvania and God has opened up new doors. We are now in a new chapter of our lives. Although we are in new chapters of our lives I must admit that I have been discouraged because we have seen many discouraging events happen over the past year and a half. I have a lot of resentment towards actions that have happened with friends in Maine and elsewhere but I have seen how God can use unfortunate circumstances and bring good out of them.

So now I am trying to leave this hurt in my heart in His hands. As I said the Lord has brought us to PA and has made it very clear that God's mission field for us right now for Alex is the Navy and for me it is my children. This year, Alex finally started his master's degree and after debating with God for months finally agreed to pursue his masters of divinity so now he is in Seminary. This is something that has been placed in our hearts for quite sometime but we weren't sure if that was something we really wanted to pursue. Well God won that war and now we are waiting out the time as he finishes his degree. We really don't know how long it will take for him to complete this degree because he does work full time but as long as it takes we know for right now we are supposed to be right where we are.

We have been through a lot during the past four years of our life and my hope is that the lessons that we have learned will help us overcome the feelings that we are feeling now. Please keep us in prayers because I am trying to live a stress free life right now and it has been very hard especially in this neighborhood we live in. We stay to ourselves here and we are looking forward to making the arrangements to get to our new home in New Jersey. The original plan was for us to not live in New Jersey until next February or March but now we are going to try to make arrangements to be there before the end of this year.

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