Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3rd Birthday!

Three years ago the Lord blessed us with a son we named Nathanael Paul. It is a fitting name because Nathanael means gift from God and Paul means small. Boy was he a small gift from God. He came at a perfect time in our marriage and we have become even stronger as a family just for having him enter our life. Never in a million years would I begin to imagine how having children would transform my life. Having children has been one of the best and rewarding experiences the Lord has given our family.

Although I was extremely sick for this weekend we still managed to celebrate a little. Here are some pics to show an update on our family.

The birthday boy hitting his Thomas the train piñata.

The brother and sister hitting the piñata.

After the piñata we came inside to have some cake. After the cake and gifts all my men got haircuts.

We had a lot of fun Sunday celebrating. On Monday we just loved on our gift even more. These pics are on his actual birthday.

We had a great time! We are blessed!

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