Friday, September 9, 2011

Long Overdue Update

Wow...what can I say??? It has been a year since our last update. So much has happened in that year. We found out we were expecting baby #4...we went home to TX for a few months due to a deployment...we moved to new jersey...our oldest son turned 5...our house went under contract...our house went off the contract...we wrapped up 1st grade and pre-k for our sons...another offer was made on our house and then backed out of again...we purchased a new vehicle to accomodate our growing family and became a minivan family...we had baby #4 which we named Miss Joanna Ruth...our house went under contract again and finally sold...had a summer vacation...our daughter turned 2...our other son turned 4...started a new school year so now we have a 2nd grader and a kindergartner...the Mr. went back to night shift after only a few months on day shift...and now we gear up for another deployment and praying that everything works out so we can have a family vacation this Christmas.

That being said this has been an eventful year and yes I have fallen off the face of this earth when it comes to blogging but I think I am finally ready to begin blogging once again during the spare time that I can manage to take. This year I have learned a lot about myself. I never knew that I can face some of the challenges I have and still come out of the challenges trusting that the Lord will see me through it. I know we say that we trust the Lord to see us through things but I must admit that there were times I wasn't sure how that was going to be possible yet He always did see me through things. I am still learning to rely on Him completely! During this past year I did stray away from the Lord and I felt I became an ugly person but He never let me go too far. I got too busy with my everyday life that I forgot to check in with the One that gave His life for me. He has shown me that I need Him...Oh how I need Him! I still let my everyday life get in the way of spending time with Him from time to time but I am working on this. I have learned that when I don't spend time with my Savior I am irritable and not very pleasant. The Lord has humbled me beyond my beliefs and I am grateful that He loves me enough to forgive me. I am grateful that He gave me the family He has and they forgive me.

So as I blog I pray that those that do read this continues to keep me in prayers. I have been blessed with friends that pray for me on a regular basis and I appreciate them very much. I may not blog as often as I would like but that is ok because I truly do not want to do something else that will take away much needed time with Him!

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