Monday, April 23, 2012

End of another year

The last post I posted I was positive that I would be able to begin posting again but we became engulfed with everyday life. I last posted in September of last year, so let's see what has happened since then.

The Mr. went on a deployment and I went home from October thru January. In January we went on a family cruise and when I say family cruise, I mean my parents (bc we were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary that was in Dec), my sister, my brother and sister-in-law and niece, and then there was my forever growing family. We enjoyed being with the family during that time and it was great. We then drove back to New Jersey and began our normal routine again. Our normal routine is forever changing so what was normal then is definitely not normal now. In December we celebrated our oldest son's 6th birthday and in February we celebrated our youngest daughter's 1st birthday. Sometime from February to now we learned that my brother and sister in law are expecting their 2nd child so that thrills us beyond belief that we are adding a new member to the family. At the end of March my oldest son ended his 2nd grade year and my husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Now my days consist of doing fun school things like computer games that still practice the concepts we learned in the year for my 2nd grader and completing my other son's K4 year. The planning for next year has already begun as we have some huge transitions to factor in. One of those factors is the beginning of Preschool for the newest student of the Benavides Bible Academy. It still amazes me that in the next few months I will have a 3rd grader, a K5 student, and a PK student that will attend our school!

In my other free time I try to schedule in much needed reading of the Word time! My husband bought me a Busy Mom's Bible which I love. It is so important for me to have my quiet times so I am able to deal with the everyday life things in our house. I also try to schedule in workout time. I finally started losing the weight from the last pregnancy and it only happened from watching my diet and doing zumba about 5 times a week. I now use the elliptical as well. The Mr. was working days for a few months but they moved him back to nights last month so I take advantage of the time he is not here to do my own schooling. I am currently taking classes to get certified to be a Medical Transcriptionist, and a Medical Coding and Billing person. I started these classes in February and need to complete them by February of next year in order to have these classes paid for. I was able to qualify for this program due to my husband's rank (one of the few perks of him not making that much money).

Still can't believe April is almost done but I am looking forward to May. May we will wrap up the school year for everyone and take a few months off for a summer vacation. My parents come up for a mini visit and that will take us into June. In June my in laws come up for a mini visit and then we are off to TX for a mini vacation. In July (more than likely) we will begin a new school year just so we can make sure everything is done in a timely fashion. I am expecting that this year we will have some schedules to work around and I would hate for the kids to be neglected by this.

  Other than this being a long post...we are doing wonderful. We truly are blessed and we are so thankful for all the new friends that we have made recently. The Lord has blessed us beyond measure and we still can't believe He has chosen us to be apart of His family!

In Christ,


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