Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Last week was so crazy with appointments. I have come to realize that my life mostly consists of appointments now. Last Monday we had a year check up for Nathanael but because we were in Texas for so long he was seen at nearly 14 months. He was to get shots but he had begun to get sick a few days before that we ended up having to treat him with a nebulizer for bronchilitis or something to that nature. The doctor basically explained that what should have been a common cold decided to rest in his lungs which was causing wheezing. This only concerned the doctor because we haven't even hit winter yet and this was showing him that there is a good possibility that we may need to treat his breathing when he starts wheezing with this contraption every time he gets a cold. It cleared up though and he is doing fine. We went back in to the doctor so we can get his shots and then made his appointment for next month since he will be 15 months and needs to go back in for more shots. I am sure we can schedule flu shots around the same time.

So on the same day since I have no where else to leave my child, Isaiah was with us and the topic came up of how he tends to mimic Nathanael. This concerns me only because when Nathanael is around he will not talk very much and I am afraid that when this new baby comes he will revert again because he feels that is the way get attention. When Nathanael is napping and it is just us he talks up a storm but he is a bit lazy when it comes to speech so we have been working on that. The doctor recommended doing an evaluation to see how he has progressed over the past couple of years. We had an appointment scheduled for today but that appointment has been postponed until next Tuesday. He has begun talking even more now which is hilarious to me. We will just see what they say but in all honesty I am not very concerned with him I just fear a little of the set back he may experience with a new child.

Tuesday was fun again as there was another appointment scheduled so we can get some WIC checks. I was thrilled when they moved my appointment up a month early so I can get some milk. This appointment usually takes about 15-30 minutes long but since it was a re certification and then I was getting put back on WIC for the pregnancy it took a little over an hour. That was challenging but it helped that Nathanael was seen the day before so I just gave the measurements from the day before to them and they only needed to focus on Isaiah and myself. I am glad that these appointments only come every 2 months.

On Friday was the day we were excited about the most because we thought we would be able to hear the baby's heartbeat but since it was the first appointment with my midwife we just basically went over what I wanted as the outcome of the pregnancy and how I expected the delivery to go and so forth. We did find out that we are estimated at being 8 weeks but we are waiting for the phone call for our sonogram appointment. We are doing a sono to get an accurate measure of how far along I am and to make sure the baby is growing properly. Because Nathanael was so small at birth my midwife has decided that we are going to be doing a lot more sonograms to make sure this baby is growing a little bigger than him because he was too small. So here I wait for another appointment.

I had 4 appointments in a matter of 8 days and needless to say I am exhausted.


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