Sunday, September 21, 2008

Prayer Requests for this week

This past week was so busy with me trying to get my house in order but I have been so sick lately. This morning sickness bit is absolutely killing me. I had morning sickness with only Isaiah but I do not remember it being this bad so I have not been so happy. Anyways this coming week we have appointments galore and I need all the prayer and strength I can get. Tomorrow Nathanael goes in for his one year check up and yes we are doing this two months late because we were in Texas for so long. Anyways his appointment could not have come at a better time because both of the boys started getting sick yesterday. Isaiah has had diarrhea and Nathanael has started with a runny nose and coughing today. They feel a little on the warm side but nothing that really makes us feel that it is serious enough to take them in now. So tomorrow morning we have his appointment which I am sure will come with shots so that is never fun for me to hear the cries of my baby. Tuesday we have our WIC appointment which I am so happy about because we have not been able to get checks for over 2 months and that is putting a little bind on us financially because of the price of everything but we are grateful that the Lord has provided more than enough for us. Friday is my appointment with my midwife and hopefully she will be able to give us some idea of how far along I am and some remedies of morning sickness. I am open to any ideas anyone else has. Other than my busy schedule this week I ask for prayer just to make it to the next day without being a grouch.

I do have some positive news to report. Isaiah has officially started the potty training business again this past week and I am so proud of him because he is not throwing the tantrums he used to throw when I asked him to go and sit on the potty. He even had 4 successful attempts yesterday. Today was a little challenge because we had church and we were not able to stay on top of asking him to use the potty so I feel like we went a little backward but I am hoping that the rest of the week will be easier because I will be with him all day and we should only be out of our house for appointments for no more than 2 hours.

I hope the rest of you are doing well. We would love to hear updates on all of your families.


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Will & Abby's Life said...

Praying for you! Hope your appointment went ok.