Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everyone is healthy

The beginning of this week have been filled with appointments like usual. On Monday we had an appointment for Nathanael to get his 15 month check up and he received 3 shots. One of those shots was the flu vaccination which was needed since he did not receive one last year because he was too small. He is officially 19 pounds and 29 inches long. He has finally got on the one percentile of the growth chart for his weight and the fifth percentile with length. He is still on the small side. Because of his size the doctor wanted to make sure he was not anemic so we had to have blood drawn from his tiny arm the same day which was not a very fun process but an hour later the doctor's office called and told me that his lab work showed everything to be perfectly healthy which was music to my ears. Since he only received his first flu shot we have to take him in about a month to get the second shot. I went ahead and scheduled Isaiah to get his on the same day so that should be fun.

Tuesday I had an appointment because my original was pushed back a few days. I went in and for some reason they were really busy so I didn't get the full physical done but she took my blood pressure, gave me my flue shot, and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for a slight second. Sometimes it is a challenge to hear the baby's heartbeat at 12 weeks but my midwife found it for a little while and I got to see that the heart rate was at 154 which is very good. My midwife said that next time it shouldn't be that hard to find the heartbeat. I am just relieved that we found it because for some reason this pregnancy has not seemed real for me except for the pain in the beginning and the nauseousness I have. I have not been able to eat much and because of this I have lost 4 pounds. The weight loss had my midwife asking questions of course but she assured me that all of my symptoms are signs of a healthy pregnancy. I told her I am sure I will put the weight back on near the end. It may be next month who knows with Thanksgiving rolling around. The weight loss did cause my husband to have a little concern because I have never lost that much weight with the other pregnancies in a month but I didn't gain that much weight either. My first pregnancy weight gain was 20 pounds and the the second one was 11 pounds. I am eating, I promise. I am hungry every few hours and I am showing so I am not that worried. Like I said the holidays are coming around so I know I will probably gain weight. Plus once the snow starts coming which should be soon we tend to eat more anyway because there is nothing else to do. Haha.

Other than that everyone is healthy. Alex should be getting his flu shot pretty soon and Isaiah will be early December so we should all be good. I am glad to report that everyone is healthy because this is the time for sickness to go around. Please pray for all of us to take precautions as much as possible to stay healthy.


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