Thursday, October 16, 2008

Long Weekends

Oh how I enjoy long weekends. After venting because the weekend before I didn't get to spend much time with my husband the Lord still blesses me beyond what I deserve. Alex had the following Monday and Tuesday off and then went to work on Wednesday, Thursday, and half of Friday and was off again until Tuesday because of the Columbus Day holiday. Friday was spent running errands and getting things we would need for a long weekend. We were excited about Saturday because we had already made plans with the Hurt family to spend a little time with them on Saturday. We really hadn't spent time with this family for about 7 or 8 months because Mr. Hurt was deployed in Africa somewhere. Anyways I made plans with the Mrs. because don't we always make the plans for our families? Haha. I am totally kidding but this was something our husbands wanted us to do so we said wouldn't it be fun to go to a pumpkin patch and there should be hay rides drawn by horses that the family would enjoy. Of course I thought this sounds like so much fun and I was pumped. Later I told Alex what we would be doing and he was like yay what a way to spend a Saturday. He was not very enthusiastic in case you didn't notice but he was willing to make me happy. So Saturday rolls around and we got to the farm and of course Isaiah is having the time of his life because he is surrounded by another family and they have five kids so he took off with the "big" kids. Alex and I stayed behind with Nathanael and we placed Nathanael in this area that was surrounded by huge pumpkins in comparison to his size. Watching him trying to climb these pumpkins was so hilarious. After a while Isaiah decided to join us because of course he wants to show us that he can climb these pumpkins too and he decided to join his brother and play with him for a little while. He cracked us up because we were lifting some of these pumpkins trying to figure out which ones we wanted to take home with us so he tried to show us how strong he was and he tried lifting them too but he took a break after a while and gave me a smile. After we got all the pumpkins in the wagon he pulled the wagon for me and we parked it in the corner so we can go apple picking. Of course this has to be one of the last weekends to go apple picking because nearly all of the trees were empty but we found a few trees in the back and picked a few apples. We ran to our wagon and put the apples away just in time to catch the "hay" ride. It really wasn't a hay ride but we all sat in this carriage and the horses took us around the land. Isaiah had so much fun and was so happy to be doing something like this on this beautiful day. After all was said and done Alex admitted that he enjoyed this experience very much and said next year we have to come sooner. I was so excited to see our family bond in this way. Our friends got a lot of good pictures and I took more but this was all I could upload now because I don't have much space on my camera. The rest of the weekend was filled with fun as well because on Sunday we spend the afternoon at the park at church and then we let Isaiah ride his bike around our driveway. Monday was a rainy day which was perfect because we just rested at home. I am so glad that we got to do this as a family and especially since there are not very much weekends left for us to do things like this. Before we know it the snow will be here and we probably won't be outside very much. It is hard to believe that it is already Thursday and another weekend should be here soon but sometimes I like to reflect on the past.

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