Thursday, June 4, 2009

Exciting Days

This week has been very exciting for us. Tuesday my sister flew home to Texas and Alex flew in to Maine. We were all set to leave the house because I had to take her to Manchester, New Hampshire so she can fly out when my phone rang. I saw that it was someone from Alex's command so I answered the phone only to hear what are you thinking? I was confused by this and said what? Well it turned out to be a friend of ours and he told me that I was absolutely insane to go to Manchester because I really needed to be resting. He offered to take my sister for me and to pick up Alex because his flight was coming in around midnight. I took him up on picking up Alex for sure but told him I would have to call back about my sister. A few minutes later I called back and asked if he happened to have his minivan with him and turned out he did so he was able to take all of us and I had someone to drive me there. It was such a blessing.

Keep in mind that when I woke up Tuesday morning I was dreading this day because I knew it was going to be a long day and I just kept telling myself I was going to be glad when the day was done. So the Lord completely blessed me with Derek and his help and it was great because my kids absolutely love him. On the way home from Manchester I got another phone call from a friend of mine from church and she said she had made an excess of dinner and would love to bring us dinner that evening. I was so excited because this was another thought in my head wondering what I would do about dinner that evening. She made us some homemade macaroni and cookies for dinner. We got home from Manchester around 5:15 and an hour later we had dinner. Isn't God so great?

The rest of the evening went smoothly and I let the kids wait up for their daddy to come home but I knew they wouldn't make it. My intention was to let them stay up late so they can sleep in the next day which worked out in my favor. Nathanael lasted until 10:30 and Isaiah lasted until 11:00 but Alex didn't come home until nearly 1 am the next morning. They slept until about 9:30 so that was nice.

We took Naomi to the doctor yesterday for her one month check up even though it is a few days early but she is doing wonderful. She is now weighing 8 pounds and that puts her in the 20th percentile for weight. She is now 20 1/2 inches long and that puts her in the 33rd percentile and her head is now 14 inches which puts her in the 19th percentile for her head growth. We were just glad to see her on the growth chart because the boys were never on the growth chart.

After her shots she was exhausted so we decided to go to the park on Main street and let the boys run around and get some energy out as she slept. We enjoyed a sunny day out with the boys and then came home only to lose power just as we were about to make dinner. We waited around and finally decided to go and get something to eat since we didn't know how long power was going to be out and just as Alex was about to leave the power went back on so I made dinner and got everyone fed and about an hour later we lost power again. We went again without power for another hour or two but we were so grateful that we had power long enough to make dinner so we didn't have to spend any money. We ended our evening playing cards in the candlelight.

The past two days have been filled with much to do but the Lord has completely blessed us and I am so grateful.


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leah said...

so good to hear that you've been doing well this week. Glad alex is finally home and your family is all together again! :)