Monday, June 1, 2009

Photo Update

I have finally uploaded the last two rolls of film I have developed and I took two more rolls of film to be developed yesterday but here are all the pictures I have up to date. These pictures are from October 2008 - May 2009.

Nathanael was our fireman because Isaiah was the fireman the year before.

Isaiah was Bob the tomato.

Bob the tomato and the fireman in their wagon.

The boys playing the piano at our friend's house after trick or treating.
Resting at the house after a busy evening.
My brother and I at my sister's graduation in December.
Nathanael's baby dedication just before Christmas.
Playing in the snow in late January and early February.
Nathanael getting his balance on the sled.
Isaiah waiting to get going again. He never wants to come in when we are out playing in the snow.
My anniversary gift this year. It is funny because I was originally going to get this for Alex since the traditional gift for us this year was either flowers or fruit and he ended up getting it for me but he ate it too so we ended up getting the best of both. I ended up taking him to a nice restaurant of his choice.
This is what the bouquet looked like after removing the wrapper.
Just celebrated 4 years of marriage.
Nathanael is Easter egg hunting at the base chapel.
Isaiah is interested in playing with the eggs and taking it to the pretend kitchen.
Isaiah is helping his brother collect his ten eggs.
Naomi Annette in one of her first pictures. She loves to be curled up like this. She is barely starting to stretch those long legs of hers.
Isn't she so precious just resting so peacefully.
Well there are more pictures but those are some pictures to catch you up on our life. I have told you most of our stories of what we have been up to but I have not been very good at posting pictures like I promised so here is the start. I will post more pics of the kids as I get the chance. Hope you all enjoy.

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