Friday, June 12, 2009

What a week

This has been a very stressful week for me because I have been sick and it was the first week that I have had the kids all day long by myself. Saturday night I started feeling my throat hurt and told Alex but we thought nothing of it until Sunday when I woke up and I was feeling worse. We rested the majority of Sunday because I was not up to par. Sunday I went to bed with a mild fever but when Monday rolled around I had a fever of a 101.4 and Alex felt terrible because he had duty and this was the first time he was going to be at work since May 5th. The kids waking up at 5:30 that morning didn't really help the situation but the cutest thing happened that morning. Keep in mind the boys just got their daddy home and spent 5 days with him so they are not wanting to see him leave. That morning Isaiah says "Daddy, where are you going?" Alex responds, "I am going to work." Isaiah says, "You go work daddy?" Alex says, "Yes baby, daddy is going to make some money so we can be able to play together later." Isaiah sits and thinks about what his daddy has just told him and then he spots a penny on the table and smiles. He grabs the penny and runs to Alex and says, "Daddy here I make money for you." Alex carries that penny around now. Needless to say he didn't want to leave him that morning but the transition ended up going pretty well.

Tuesday I continued to run a fever and that night Isaiah came to our bed around 11:30 pm crying and when he crawled into bed I could feel the heat from his body. He slept with us and the next morning he was extremely hot. I noticed he had trouble swallowing so I scheduled an appointment for him with the pediatrician and they told us that he just has the same virus I had and it just needs to run its course. Wednesday night Naomi started with the coughing and then Thursday morning Nathanael started with a runny nose. Everyone is running a mild fever now including me but I am hoping we can get this junk out of our systems soon. The weather over here hasn't helped the situation because it is cold and rainy. I want to air out our house but it gets too cold too fast so I am hoping we will have a sunny day soon so we can go outside and get some fresh air.

We are excited it is Friday and that we have completed the first week of getting back to normal. This week was a bit rougher because of the sickness but it also was a little nice to get used to the intimacy of our little family. I must admit getting back into the swing of things has been a little harder that I expected but as I have felt better I have noticed I can get a good hour to hour and a half worth of cleaning in the morning and then another two to three hours in the afternoon when everyone is napping. I am sure we will develop a system soon. I hope everyone has a good week.

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