Monday, January 5, 2009

December Recap along with other reminders of 2008

Well the 2nd half of December went by so fast that we never got to share some pics of the family.

Dec. 14th we went to the command's Christmas party.

Dec. 15th we found out we were having a baby girl. Alex took this picture of us in the waiting room.

Dec. 16th we were on a plane to Texas. This is the boys on the second plane. We took 3 planes both ways.

A few days later we went to the mall and the boys insisted on riding the carousel so here they are having fun.

Dec. 20th my sister Jessica graduated from Texas A&M. Not very good picture but if you look close enough you can see her. The same afternoon we had a little party celebrating the fact that all of the Curiel siblings have finished their Bachelor's Degree.

Here we caught Isaiah hugging a little girl.

Dec. 21st we finally had a baby dedication for Nathanael. We have the Benavides family only missing Alex's brothers and sisters and the entire Curiel family.

Dec. 23rd We decided to take this photo and frame it for our parents to have in their ranch home of all the graduates.
Random pictures
Nathanael can't wait for Christmas.
Dec. 25th We opened presents at the Curiel household.
Dec. 26th we flew back to Maine and came back to a lot of snow.
Dec. 27th In the morning we took a picture of the snow we didn't get to the night before. First angle is from the garage. Second angle is from the street. We also opened up Christmas presents within our little family.
After all of these events we just rested. Alex went back to work on Monday-Wednesdays working only half days and on New Year's Eve we waiting until midnight and then knocked out because we were pooped. We have relaxed the past four days and now Alex is back to work again. Overall we enjoyed ourselves very much but we are glad that we can rest in our own home again.
Looking back at 2008 we are very grateful and we realized so much has happened and the year just flew by.
February - Aleida finally finished all of my requirements for a Bachelors Degree in Accounting.
March - We celebrated 3 years of marriage.
April - Alex finished his requirements for an Associate's Degree.
May - Alex and Aleida walked the stage for their degrees.
July - Nathanael turned 1 while we were in Boston.
August - Enjoyed a family vacation in Missouri and Texas.
September - Found out we were expecting baby #3.
December - Isaiah turned 3. Found out baby #3 is a girl. Went to Texas for the holidays.
Those are the most memorable things that happened for us in 2008 and we know that 2009 will be even busier for us. We pray you are all enjoying the New Year!
Benavides Family

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