Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where has this month gone?

I am sitting here in the computer room on a much needed break wondering should I continue to clean or should I be packing and cleaning at the same time. A couple of weeks ago we put ourselves on the 4 bedroom housing list so we can have an extra bedroom but just this week we decided maybe it isn't even worth moving considering we probably won't get a house until may which is when the baby is due and then we will be moving again to a new place in december unless they change our plans again. I was content with our decision and then the housing office called again yesterday saying that they could probably get us into a house by next month. Again I debate is it even worth it, do I have the energy to do this considering I can only clean and do hard manual labor for 2-3 hours max before I have had it for the day, would I have enough time to get the house in order before the baby comes in 3 months or so? At the same time I think it would be nice to have a bigger house so the boys can have their room and the baby can have her room and if they change our plans again it would be a nice move. So here are my options stay on the list and hopefully move within a month or just stay here. As I sit here and ponder about these options I am thinking I can't believe we are almost done with the month of January. This month has consisted of so much craziness realizing that the baby is going to be here shortly and I have to get things for her. For the most part the essentials are met I am planning on nursing so she will be fed, and I have about two weeks worth of hand me downs that are unisex that can get her through for a while, and as soon as we get Nathanael his mattress for his twin bed then she will have a place to sleep. Even though those things are met there are a few things that we do need to get for her. We have been buying things here and there but paychecks are only twice a month and not enough months before she gets here. We wouldn't have had this issue if we were having another boy but I am so blessed. The Lord has continued to provide for us more than we can even imagine and we know that our precious baby will have more than she needs. With all of these things in mind we have also had to deal with snow storms every weekend so I am a little restless of the snow. I am wanting to get outside and do things. I went sledding on a tiny hill the other day after we got 16 inches of snow and had so much fun wishing I could do the bigger hills but I guess I will have to wait till next year.

Anyways I rambled on and on and did not really have any focus on what I was talking about but that is what is on my mind lately and I needed to share it with somebody before I lose my brain because my husband isn't coming home for lunch and I spend my time with two boys who do not carry a meaningful conversation with me. We usually talk about what is important in their little lives. Oh how I love my life and love my children who truly bless me in more ways than anyone can ever imagine.



Will & Abby's Life said...

Praying for direction for you guys. I would NOT want to move right now...but I hate moving!

I can see how an extra bedroom would be nice though. Could the boys just share a room right now?

Would the military help you pack up and move to the new house?

Have y'all picked any names?

leah said...

thanks, aleida. that was really nice of you to leave such an encouraging comment. I do know that things will work out (for both of us!) It's just so hard not to be impatient! I feel better knowing that I'm not alone.
Take care... :)