Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quick Update

I know I have not been online much but it is for good reason. I have been pretty sick lately. The midwife tells me that I have low blood pressure which is not that uncommon amongst pregnant women but this gives me problems because this causes me to lose balance and sometimes faint. I have only fainted once and was lucky to have my husband catch me before I hit the ground. I have had some dizzy spells and everything seems to go black but I have been lucky enough to sit down before I can fall. This is frustrating because after an episode I am very weak and am not very useful so I have had to rely a lot on Alex. He has been the best and although I apologize that this pregnancy has totally kicked my butt he smiles and says it is ok because it hasn't defeated me yet. He tells me he just wants me to take it easy and let our daughter grow to be healthy. It is definitely true that every pregnancy is different but I am grateful to have my husband to go through this with.

To top the low blood pressure I have been fighting to not get sick. My body is working on overdrive to not get this cold or whatever is going around but I must admit that there are days I am just achy and feel like it is about to take over.

Please pray that the Lord continues to take care of me which I know he will. In good news regarding the pregnancy I am now officially 23 weeks and the midwife told me that I need a half of a pound to be at my pre pregnancy weight so that makes her happy because I am definitely growing. Although I haven't gained any weight (which isn't all that bad for me) the baby is growing very well. Last week she was measuring at 23 weeks when I was only 22 weeks and at the last sonogram she was in the 56th percentile for growth and she only needed to be at the 50th percentile so they decided to postpone me sonogram for this month and will talk more about another sonogram next month as I get closer to delivery. It is hard for me to believe that the baby will be here in or around 17 weeks. Those weeks go by so fast for me because we are very busy around here. Well I pray you are all doing well and having a wonderful weekend.


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Will & Abby's Life said...

Yikes, hope the fainting and dizzy spells are over soon!

Have y'all picked out names yet?