Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bring out the bikes...

It is funny how one moment something can seem like it is just another thing you can complain about only to realize later it was a blessing in disguise. This past week on Tuesday I woke up and immediately knew it was going to be a bad day. I usually can tell what kind of day we are going to have by the sound of the babies when they wake up. We don't have a lot of bad days but there are days I know will be a challenge. However on Tuesday I knew it was going to be a bad day. So we woke up and got ready to go workout (for my daily walk around base). When we got home we got showered and ready for the day because after all it was payday and I needed groceries so I had errands to go and run. We take Alex to work after showers and drive off base and the minute I passed the gate I realized my registration sticker and pass to get back on base had expired the day before. I immediately went to pass and tag to get a new tag to get back on base only to be told that I couldn't get one because I had expired registration tags. I was so upset because as I mentioned before I needed groceries and because of that I removed the stroller from my trunk. I explained to the lady that there was no way I could walk with my babies without the stroller all the way to my house. It is about a mile and a half and I could walk it but it would be extremely difficult to carry Nathanael because he is so wiggly and to keep Isaiah holding my hand for that long just so he won't run in the street. She eventually gave me a day pass so I left and ran my errands and was able to return to base without any more problems. As soon as I got back on base and Wednesday came I knew I was unable to use my car until the sticker came so we waited. Well needless to say that on Thursday the tags did not come so we had to bring out the bikes in order to get around. Yesterday we rode the bikes for hours and we were convinced we would be paying for it today but we hardly feel any pain. Our arms are more sore than anything. Well we had so much fun yesterday that we decided to do it more often and we are going to try to use it as our main form of transportation if we are able to. We will just have to see how long we actually do it. Haha.


P.S. The registration sticker came in yesterday finally late in the day. I guess the mailman had so much mail to deliver after having a day off. =)

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