Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This week has been so hard. Yesterday we were at the store when Nathanael screamed and wouldn't stop so we carried him thinking that was what he wanted only that didn't help. We went home shortly after to change diapers and that is when we saw it. About four or five teeth in his top gum are coming out at the same time. All you see are the little teeth indentions in his gum and my heart just broke for my baby. We gave him orajel and he seemed ok afterwards. Last night though it hit again so I stayed up most of the night to rock my baby and hold him till he fell asleep again. Now I have this screaming headache because I have not been getting much sleep. Please pray for us during this time. It must be so painful for him and I don't know what to do other than what I am doing to ease his pain.


leah said...

Hey... poor guy. I saw a little baby at the grocery store - same thing, 4 or 5 teeth coming out at the same time. hang in there, praying for you.

Will & Abby's Life said...

oh, poor thing (Nathan and yOU!)...that sounds miserable...:(

taralous said...

We are going through the same thing right now! I can't believe how many of these darn teeth they have to get! The orajel helps and sometimes I just give him Tylenol if he is in a lot of pain. He also likes to chomp on frozen washcloths. Hope that helps! I know how you feel and I'll be prayin' for ya!