Saturday, July 19, 2008


I am so excited about a lot of things. We are figuring out how to handle the teething with Nathanael. We didn't have to do this with Isaiah because he only got one tooth at a time and then at that he never complained about being in pain. It is funny to see how different these babies are. They look different although many people say they look alike. I don't think so but that is ok. They respond different and you can just see their different personalities. Isaiah is such a sweet boy who has so much love to give. He loves to give everyone hugs and kisses and is so sweet when he is ready to pray. He enjoys prayer times and holds hands and tries to keep his eyes closed the entire time but he doesn't want to miss when we are done so he can say Amen Jesus. That makes me excited to see that his heart is so innocent. Nathanael on the other hand is a loner and is very content playing by himself but when he wants someone around he snuggles up close to you and places his head gently on you while trying to get as close as possible. I love my boys.

I am also excited because although Alex has to work today he will have Monday off and he will be able to make an appointment with me. Also this weekend we are going to Boston because I am attending a Women of Faith conference but we are also celebrating Nathanael's birthday the same weekend so the whole family is coming. Once we get back I get to see a friend that I haven't seen in a year while she visits here (her family is from here and she lives in San Diego now). Then Alex has one more week of work and then on Friday, August 1st, we make our way to the good old state of Texas. Alex will be flying back on the 18th but I am going to stay about a month or so. Yay! I will be back just in time to see the fall come in. It is a beautiful time up here in the fall. Anyways I just thought I would share my exciting news!!!

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