Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June Update

Well the month of June has been a very challenging month to say the least. We are hoping that we can go through this next month without so much challenge. Let's see...what is new?

Well Alex finished another semester of school and had last week off from school as a break. He started the new term again today so he is staying busy with school. He only has 8 more classes to complete his Bachelors degree which will be exciting.

I have been struggling with staying positive up here. The Lord has been revealing a lot to me as far as who I allow in my heart regarding friendships. There is a lady up here that I was pretty close with and for whatever reason we are no longer friends which breaks my heart because I really enjoyed her company. The thing is that I know there is no way our friendship will be the same again because so many rumors and lies have been spread that no matter what happens things change. The Lord has shown me that even in this situation that I should still love her the way He loves me. Although there is a lot of hurt in this situation I am trying to keep her in prayer because I know she is going through a lot. Now I just pray that the Lord will heal my heart from all the hurt that I have been experiencing this month. I have been on a serious emotional roller coaster and I am ready to get off of this ride. I am trying to keep my eyes on what is really important.

Isaiah is still in the potty training business. Potty training has been so frustrating because there are days that he seems like he wants to learn how to use a potty and then there are days that he has no interest at all. It is like we are taking one step forward and two steps back. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me because I am losing my mind. Isaiah also moved into a booster this month. He meets the height requirement and he was ready to move out of his current car seat. He is getting so independent. He wants to sit himself in the car and close his own door. The only thing he lets us do is buckle him in. I just can't believe how big he is getting.

Nathanael amazes me everyday. I love him so much. I look at this tiny baby that doctors are concerned about because of his size and just smile because he just shows us daily that he is just as capable of accomplishing things other babies his age can do. He is currently weighing in at 16 pounds I think. This month he has started cruising the furniture and is starting to push his push toys around which leads us to believe he may be walking soon.

There are so many prayer requests that we have and we just wanted to thank those of you that do pray for us. We appreciate it very much.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray that the Lord shows us what He is trying to have us learn. We were up for orders this past month and we just recently learned that instead of letting us get orders now we were going to be extended up here until the base shuts down. Well at least the department that Alex works for. So we are supposed to be up here until 12/09 now which breaks our heart because we were so sure the Lord was leading us elsewhere. We are just praying that we can learn what we need to learn and the Lord will open doors for us when it is the right time.

2. We have had many spiritual attacks within the last month and we ask that you keep us in prayer as far as us knowing what to say and what to do during this time. We have been tried so much lately that we are worn out and ready for this to end but we know these trials are also bringing us closer to not only God but to each other.

3. Please pray that potty training does not cause Alex and I to get so frustrated that we lose our minds. Also Nathanael is getting his first tooth in and he has been in so much pain that there are days we feel like we are going crazy with both of these things. Pray that we keep a level head at all times.

Thank you so much for everything you guys do for us. We treasure your friendship and we look forward to hearing updates on you and your family.

Benavides family


leah said...

Sorry to hear your struggles, but I will be praying for you... :) Thanks for sharing your heart, Aleida.

Will & Abby's Life said...

Thanks for sharing your heart. I really appreciate my friends blogs that actually share what's on their heart and what's going on in their life. We're praying for you guys!