Monday, February 23, 2009

Another snow day

Well we have definitely been busy and it has been pretty rough because I have been sick off and on this week. My body keeps fighting the fight to not get sick but there are days when I am so weak that I just have to give in and not do anything. Yesterday was one of those days. I had migraines and I couldn't stand the sight of the light because it would cause me to go dizzy. I think it was a mixture of my low blood pressure and sinus pressure. Needless to say I was so upset that I didn't get to join my family at church but I must admit it was a little nice to have a break from anyone being in the house because I got to rest which was needed.

So even though I was sick I was bummed because why would I get sick on a day that I could spend with my hubby with no distractions? Well later in the evening we finally got that snow storm we were expecting at noon and it was definitely snowing. The snow was heavy and wet so it stays on trees which causes power outages for the most part. Praise the Lord we only lost power for a second at 3 in the morning and the power was right back on but there are about 21,000 homes that are without power in the city of Brunswick as of this morning. Well this snow storm also gave me another blessing. My husband's work day was cancelled so he gets to be with my on a good day. Today we have been up since 6:30 am thanks to the kids but we have gotten a lot accomplished. Our downstairs is almost entirely clean and now I am typing a little note while my poor hubby is shoveling the mountain we have in our driveway. I am still unsure how much snow we got but the news said some areas got more than 1 feet and some got near 2 feet. I just know we got a lot of snow.

I am now heading outside to take pictures of the beautiful white snowy background I have that is considered my neighborhood. It is so beautiful. I think I will keep Alex company for a little and then head inside to make some hot chocolate because it is a nice day for it. After all it is still snowing and we should have snow showers until the evening but we are trying to get rid of some of it because like I said it is heavy snow and that is the worst to work with. I pray you are all having a good day. I will try to get online later and post some pictures that I take.


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