Friday, February 27, 2009

I can't believe it is Friday

Wow how fast another week has flown by. It feels like yesterday we just started the week and now we are about to start our weekend. I am excited about this weekend but then again I am not because it happens to be payday weekend. Paydays are really dreaded days to me because even though you get paid for the work you worked so hard to get it seems like the majority of the income goes away just as fast as you get it. The first paycheck of the month is always fun because it seems like everything is due then so we have come up with this system of just saying there is not any money so we don't overspend. Haha. Please don't get me wrong...I am not saying we are broke but we just take on the saying live like no other so you can live like no other in the future. The Lord has completely blessed us and taken care of us in so many ways that I am just in awe. We just choose to put the majority of our paycheck in our savings so we can meet our goal of saving a years worth of salary so when Alex does get out of the military we are not stressed on how we will make the next month and so forth until he gets another job. Sometimes I just wish we could have an extravagant weekend with no know? I think we will be having one of those weekends soon since our anniversary is at the end of next month but then again we may just wait until after the baby is here. Alex says I need to be on bed rest because he is afraid of me going into labor too early. I don't know why we have this fear for this pregnancy...we both have been acting like it is our first pregnancy all over again. I think it is because we realize the other stress that already comes with having children that are as young as mine is a little more than we anticipated. I tell Alex I am fine and when I feel like I am done for the day I just kick up my feet and relax because there is nothing else I can do. I am learning how to knit. I started a scarf on Valentine's Day weekend but I only do it for like an hour a day so needless to say I take forever. Hopefully I will be done soon and I can show you the end product. I just decided it would be fun to teach myself how to knit so this has been a fun and frustrating process. I can't wait to see the end result.

So I hope everyone has a good day and weekend. I know we will. I think we may end up taking the kids bowling and definitely buying a toy chest this weekend because little baskets aren't cutting it. I need something that closes and hides the toys out of the sight of the kids all day long. They put them away in baskets but when they get bored they run to these baskets and see toys and decide to dump them all over the floor again which defeats my one toy at a time rule. Be blessed.


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