Monday, March 2, 2009

Another major storm

This weekend was filled with a lot of work. Mommy and her boys cleaned around the house and stayed out of Daddy's hair so he can get his finals done. As of 4pm yesterday Alex completed all of his requirements for a Bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership and Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management. Yes, he has completed an Associates degree in Business Administration and now these two Bachelors degree in the 3 years that we have been here. We have both sacrificed a lot of time with each other in order for him to fulfill this accomplishment. It was definitely worth it. We have decided that for the remainder of the time that we are in Maine which is only until December hopefully we will just enjoy the rest of our shore duty and explore the state of Maine. Once we reach our new location we will look into what college will meet the next goal which is a graduate degree.

Isaiah has been running a fever since he woke up yesterday with a mild cough so instead of going out and about to celebrate we decided to order the 2 for $20 meal from Applebees and bring it home to celebrate. We ordered and ate and then we looked outside to see we had gotten our dinner just in time before the storm hit. We are having a major blast now and it should be snowing until tonight sometime. I am unsure of the snowfall yet but it has been a lot. It has been enough for Alex to get another day off work due to the weather. It was a blessing in disguise considering Isaiah woke up this morning with an even higher temperature.

So today we are enjoying the little energy our son has and loving on him like crazy while enjoying the fact that Alex does not have to work or have any homework anymore. We hope you are all having a good day and have a great week.

Please pray for the following:
  • Aleida's appointment with the midwife will go well tomorrow. Also that the sonogram that is supposed to be scheduled tomorrow for another day this week will go well.
  • Isaiah's recovery of this bug he has because it seems like this bug is beginning to pass to all the men of this house.
  • We should find out some word on Alex's job situation later this week

In Christ,


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