Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sonogram Update

Today I went for my sonogram to check to see how our little one was growing and she is growing so big. We were amazed to learn that in just four weeks she has put on an additional pound and 10 ounces. She almost put on two pounds. She is now weighing 3 pounds 12 ounces and we still have anywhere from 7 to 10 weeks to go. I can only imagine how big she is going to be. We are happy that she is growing. Her cheeks looked fuller and she just looks absolutely beautiful to us. Of course we would say that because she is our daughter but it just amazes me to see her every time. The lady who conducted the sonogram was surprised to see her moving so much and she was excited to feel her push back at her whenever the lady got in her way. The last image we got of our little girl was her putting her hand in front of her face and her heel planted against my belly like if she was ready to give me a good push. She has now turned so she is getting ready to make her appearance in this world. We got to see her practice a little breathing as well. The lady told us that this is her getting ready to breathe outside the womb. We were amazed because we were never shown any of that with the boys. Her heartbeat was strong and she looked absolutely perfect. We can't wait to see her little face. It is hard to believe that within a few short months we will have another addition to our family and we couldn't be happier about it. Thank you for all those that keep us in prayer on a daily basis. We sense the love and the Lord just feels our hearts with joy knowing that we are cared about.



Will & Abby's Life said...

Did you do a 4D ultrasound or were you able to see her features better on a regular 3D ultrasound?

I'm debating about spending the money for an optional's just not covered by insurance so it's expensive and I know I'll at least have one more regular 3D ultrasound (covered by insurance) before she's here.

Benavides Family said...

I didn't even know there was a 4D ultrasound. They must not offer it where we are located. The ultrasound I had was the original 2D one. They only offer 3D sometimes and I have only had it done once but I don't even know what the insurance pays for and doesn't. I probably should look into that.

I remember when I was pregnant with Isaiah we were given that option to do 3D but it would have cost us a lot so we opted not to go that route.

I hope your next ultrasound goes well. I love seeing her everytime I get a chance so I am sure you are just excited. I am ready to see my baby's little face and have her laying right beside me.