Monday, March 30, 2009

Four Day Weekend

I don't know where to begin. It has been a while since I have gotten on this blog and I have finally caught up on reading what is going on in everyone else's life so I decided to post a little update of my own. Last Thursday on the 26th, Alex and I celebrated our four year anniversary. Since our anniversary fell on a Thursday he decided to take a four day weekend so we can just have family time. We have been debating for months now what we were going to do for this special occasion and we threw out several ideas such as visiting Boston again, maybe visiting New York, we even checked out some bed and breakfasts because that is what we did for our first anniversary and we both enjoyed it very much. In the end we decided to stay at home and go around town because I am just too far along to take chances in visiting other areas for long. I am very uncomfortable and we didn't want to chance me going into labor early.

Thursday consisted of having breakfast at a little restaurant I love to go to on Alex's days off named Friendly's because I love their french toast. After Friendly's we went thrift shopping and found a lot of cute little outfits for the baby. We were surprised to find so many outfits for her because every time we go we can't find anything. We then went to Portland which is about 45 minutes away and enjoyed lunch for half off just because of the military discount. We then went to Edible Arrangements and picked up a beautiful bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries that Alex bought for me. I have pictures but I will post them later because I do not have my camera with me right now and it is too much work for me to go downstairs to get the camera right now. We ended our day with going to the school and picking up Alex's cap and gown for his graduation day which will happen on May 9th just days after the birth of our baby girl. We decided to go home early and enjoy dinner at home and played Sorry for hours. We have become very addicted to that game recently.

Friday consisted of getting paperwork done for me because my military id was about to expire and my tags for the car to get on base was about to expire so we took care of that and then we rested at home for a few hours and then we went shopping at the outlets in Freeport which is about 15 minutes away from us. We ended up purchasing Isaiah's wardrobe for the year for a very good deal. Pretty much the same prices we would have spend at the thrift stores. Everything we bought ranged from .99-2.99. We were very pleased. We then drove again to Portland to enjoy dinner at a hibachi grill much like Kobe's in Corpus. We really enjoy Kobe's so I had to have it at least for our anniversary weekend.

Saturday consisted of cleaning out our car and rearranging how we are going to want the kids to sit once the baby comes because after all we are going to have three car seats in the backseat. The rest of the day we just stayed at home and did some mild housekeeping.

Sunday we woke up so late which didn't make any sense to us because we had been waking up so early for the past few days but I was completely wiped out. We ended up missing church and when we finally all got dressed for the day we decided to head to Portland again and had lunch in town and then we went to Babies R Us so I could purchase a my brest friend pillow. Once in the store we realized they were doing a Baby Fair so the boys got to go around the store to collect stickers and then took their stickers to the front to get a free little gift. I also entered a drawing and turns out I won one of the gifts they were giving out. I still don't know what it is because I have to go back to Portland to pick it up so I decided I may just wait till the weekend.

Thursday was the only sunny day we had and then Friday-Sunday consisted of clouds and darkness and then on Sunday it actually rained. It has been raining most of the day today and that has been a little depressing but we feel refreshed. I know our little weekend doesn't sound like we did a whole lot of what normal couples would do for their anniversary but we had a blast hanging out as a family. We knew we couldn't do anything without the kids because we do not have a lot of people up here that we trust to leave our kids for a few hours with but we had so much fun. This morning the kids woke up and were upset to find out that daddy wasn't home like he had been the past few days. They got used to having him here.

Tomorrow we will go for another check up and hopefully all will be well. I am 34 weeks now and about to be 35 weeks and we are getting more excited every day. We can't wait to see her little face. Well I hope you have a great week. I am going to join my family for dinner now since my husband made some lasagna.


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Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounds very nice :) Its raining here today, I wolk up with it pattering on the windows. Its such a change for here that I thought it very pleasant.