Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring!!!

I am so glad that today is a new day and it happens to be the first day of Spring. This is a day all of us that live in Maine have been looking forward to. This has been one long long miserable winter. Normally winters for us are not that bad because at least you can have a little fun in the snow but this year the snow was so icy and hard most of the time that the fun was dwindled to maybe two or three times during the past 4 months. Winter started over here in early December and we still have snow on the ground in late March. We are entering what is called mud season because the snow is starting to melt but everything is muddy and hopefully soon we will see some green grass and so forth. The weather has been warming up which is always a good sign but today is officially the first day of the season we know as Spring. We are so excited because we love to see the weather change and once this yuckiness clears up it will be absolutely beautiful outside. One thing we noticed yesterday was the sun was still shining around 7 pm over here which is odd because it normally goes down around 4:30ish but that is another sign the seasons are changing. We are finally going to be able to go for walks after dinner and let the kids go to the park. I am excited!!! I just wanted you all to know how excited I am.


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