Thursday, March 12, 2009


Another week has gone by and it just seems like it flew by. Alex worked this weekend so we started our weekend on Sunday night as opposed to Friday night. Tuesday we decided to enjoy a little breakfast at a little restaurant that we like to go to on Alex's days off named Friendly's. We try to go at least once a month. After that we decided to go to thrift shops to look around for some baby clothes and some shirts for Isaiah because he has officially outgrown all of his t-shirts. We were also looking for some new tennis shoes now that we are about to enter spring we can start thinking about putting the snow boots away. They can't be put away yet because we still have too much snow on the ground but pretty soon the boys will be able to go back to wearing other shoes so we were starting to look for some possible shoes that we can purchase. We were unsuccessful in finding any shoes though so that was a bummer. We then went home for lunch and after lunch we decided to head to Portland to return some items I purchased from Babies 'R Us. It was more of an exchange than a return but we got to go in and get the sale prices that were going on at the time. We also decided to purchase a toy box for the kids and we finally purchased a glider for Naomi. Aleida has been wanting a glider since we had Isaiah but we were unable to afford it at the time and then when Nathanael came around he was so peaceful he really didn't need it until he was about two months old and then at the time we needed it for him we couldn't afford it again so this time we deliberately put money away for this glider so we can get it for our daughter. We went to this store in January seeing that it was in the clearance aisle but they were unwilling to budge on the price which we didn't understand because the store is not selling these items anymore and they are completely sold out online. Needless to say we went to the clearance aisle again and there it was the exact one we were wanting to purchase two months ago. We decided to ask the price because like we mentioned we were not going to purchase this item for the full price because it didn't even come in a box and it was the demo version. We ended up purchasing it for $20 cheaper than what they were trying to sell it to us in January. We are very happy with this purchase and we were told that if for some reason it doesn't work we can always return it even if it wasn't in a box so that was a relief to us. After our trip to Babies 'R Us we made a trip to Sam's and then we were all exhausted and headed home to put everything away.

We started to put the toy box together last night and we almost finished it but then we remembered that orders came out last night so we stopped for a brief break which ended up being a day break. We are going to put in our hinges tonight and have the boys start clearing the play room. As far as the orders went there really was nothing that we were interested in so we decided to wait another month to see what becomes available to us then. Our fear is we will have to go back to another ship which is something we do not want to do but we will just have to wait to see what is offered in the next few months before we try to put in for anything.

Today Aleida has been up since 4 am and has been going non stop. She managed to catch up on dishes, laundry, and make breakfast all before 7 am but has been working too hard and needs to take a break. We had a WIC appointment this morning and now the boys are taking a nap and Aleida will be down soon as well. She has been napping pretty much every day now so we figure that is why she is waking up so early.

We are grateful this week is almost over and look forward to resting this weekend. This week is short for us because we just had a weekend that ended Tuesday night but now it is Thursday and our weekend starts again tomorrow night. We love short weeks. Hope you are all doing well and have a great weekend.

Benavides family


Will & Abby's Life said...

ooh, post pics of your glider! I want to buy/order ours this weekend.

Benavides Family said...

I will post a picture of it but we are taking ours back. We think because it was the demo version that maybe it was overused or something. The motor sounded like it was running on old batteries and we were not very happy about that. We are going to continue to look though. Hopefully your glider will be in better condition.

Will & Abby's Life said...

I don't know my baby stuff very well :) I must be confused...I didn't know gliders had batteries. Is this a glider for the baby? Like a swing?

I was thinking you bought a rocking chair/glider. That's what I'm wanting to I can have something comfortable to hold/rock/nurse her in...