Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Appointment Update

I decided to post a little update about our doctors' appointments since the boys are napping. When I posted our last update this morning we were at -1 degree so we got bundled up and just in time to make it to my appointment. We saw the midwife and the baby and I are doing well. We are up to a five pound weight gain and she is measuring at 30 weeks which is right on target. Her heartbeat was strong. For some reason the midwife never got my results from my glucose test so she is looking into that and hopefully will call me back soon to let me know that everything is good. I will see my midwife again in two weeks. She scheduled me for another sonogram so we can make sure this baby girl is growing well. We will have that appointment tomorrow afternoon.

As soon as my appointment was done we went to Isaiah's doctor's appointment a little early but they took us in right away so that was good. The doctor said that the good news is that I shouldn't worry but the bad news is that they have the flu. He went ahead and checked Nathanael as well since Nathanael was more than likely going to catch whatever Isaiah had anyway. He said that because the boys and the entire family got their flu shots that they aren't suffering as much as the other patients are. For the most part they are only displaying head cold symptoms so that is a huge relief. I told them my main concern was that Alex's coworkers have been sick and I just didn't want for something to have passed and we just overlooked it. Plus the fact that Isaiah really doesn't complain a lot about anything that I had no clue if he was in more pain than he was leading on. But the boys are doing good they just need a lot of rest and should be good to go in a week or so. Basically we have been doing everything we are supposed to be doing so the doctor said they should be good to go. He said come April all this junk will have passed. We are definitely looking forward to Spring which is supposed to be in a few weeks but we will see the change sometime in April and May.

After appointments we picked up some lunch for me because I have been craving shrimp fried rice and some nuggets for the boys but they aren't eating much so I was just glad they ate one and hopefully we can get them a little more food once they wake up from naps. Now it is 22 degrees and as I sit here and blog I am grateful I have a warm home to be in. All this warmness is making me sleepy though so I think I will take advantage of this nap time and take a nap myself.

Prayer Requests...
  • As I mentioned earlier today Alex will be sitting for his first class exam tomorrow morning so pray he gets rest and makes it to his appointment on time. He is beginning to feel sick as well so he is hoping it doesn't all catch up on him tomorrow morning.
  • Tomorrow afternoon we have a sonogram so we get to see our baby.
  • Continued prayer for the health of everyone in the family.

Thanks for all the prayer that everyone has said for us,


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