Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Job Update

Well yesterday we got the word that Alex will be able to remain in the military if we should choose to do so and as of yesterday we did sign papers with intentions to reenlist for a little while. We are still praying about what our next stepping stone will be after the military but in order for us to get orders to move in December we had to extend at least for an additional eight months. So next week we will get a look at what orders are available for us and we may know by the end of this month where we will be moving in December. We still aren't sure if we will get orders this month but we are grateful to know that the Lord has definitely kept his hands over our plans and we know He will show us what is next for us.

I am just so excited that we are going to be moving at the end of the year. By the time we leave here Isaiah will be four years old and we moved up here when he was two months old so that tells you how long we have been up here. So excited is the least of how I can explain how I feel.

Other prayer requests...
  • Midwife appointment was cancelled yesterday due to another baby being born but I will be seen in about 2 hours so I pray everything is good.
  • Isaiah is still sick and apparently there is a nasty bug going around and the other kids that are sick have some pretty bad ear infections so I am going to schedule an appointment for him so he can get looked at because he has been sick since Sunday and I think he has had enough.
  • Alex sits for his first class exam tomorrow. This test if he scores high enough will give him a raise in rank but if he doesn't he can always try again in September. We aren't too worried about it but it is always nice to get a little raise. Just pray he does his best and the Lord gives him wisdom in this test.

Have a blessed day,


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Anonymous said...

Hi! So somehow I although I had your page linked I wasn't receiving any of your blog updates! Weird huh? Oh well - I've got them now so I'm catching up :)