Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Signs I may be getting old

Every morning I awake and conduct my normal routine which consists of bathing the boys and getting myself ready and then I sit and record any bank transactions I may have missed and pay the bills that are due for that day and then I end this morning ritual by checking emails and maybe posting a blog. I then head downstairs and make sure everyone is fed until their little hearts are content and we begin a new day of learning how to say new words and playing with firetrucks and making sure Bob and Larry have vehicles to get around the house. This is a normal day. However today was a little different.

As the boys were in the bath I went to the computer room and opened my email box to find a very familiar name but curious as to why this individual would be sending me an email. I proceeded to read the email to learn that this individual is in charge of putting our ten year high school reunion together. I just stared at the screen realizing that it has been ten years since I have been out of high school. Where has this time gone and why does it all seem to be a blur? This thought made me a little sad because only then did I realize that in a year and a half I will be 30. I have never considered 30 to be old but now I just realize that I am getting older and I notice it more and more watching my boys grow. I know you are all thinking she is crazy thinking about these little things but it is just a thought I have now in my head. I am not even sure I will be attending this reunion. Our intention was to wait to go to Texas when we move from here in December but now I am considering going home in July to attend this little reunion just to see what it is all about. Am I crazy for considering this?

As far as another sign I am getting old is that I am realizing that pregnancy the third time around isn't as easy when your body is tired. I wonder if I was younger would I feel this way? Some days I think of course I wouldn't but then I think Aleida this is your third pregnancy and your body is doing what it needs to do to grow this little baby. She is growing wonderfully by the way. This morning we had our check up with our midwife and the midwife told me she really isn't concerned anymore about the growth of our little one because she is proving to be our biggest baby yet. She also told me that I need to try to take it easy and continue to do what I am doing so we can make it another month. The baby is technically due in 2 months but she said if the baby comes next month she will be happy too because she thinks now that if I make it two more months I may end up having a nine pounder. I have no clue what to think about that. She asked if I was eating differently with this baby and I said no. I am doing the exact same thing with this baby that I have done with the other two pregnancies. Nothing makes sense. She also told me not to worry that I haven't gained much weight (I have finally put on 6 pounds as of this morning) because she delivered a baby this morning that weighed nearly nine pounds but the mom only gained seven pounds during pregnancy. I think that is crazy and I am sure that will not be my case but I must admit that I was a little worried about my low weight gain. I am actually trying to gain weight but I guess everything I am eating the baby is just taking it for herself. Two weeks ago we had a sonogram and that sono showed her to be in the 61st percentile for weight so that makes the midwife very happy. In a month if we are unable to figure out where the baby's head is we will go in again to make sure she isn't breach. We think she turned around again so it was a little difficult finding where her head was this morning. I have been given some exercises I can do to encourage baby to turn back down and for the baby's back to be against my belly as opposed to being parallel with my back.

So those are my random updates as of this morning. I hope you are all doing well. We are all doing well over here and very excited about life in general and seeing where the Lord is leading us next.


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Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you in that I have under 2 years till I'm 30... and yet I still hope to marry and even have a child before that age! Now that may be a miracle! But I'm closer than I've ever been... and I still hope to have several children... :) hopefully this will encourage you a bit