Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Update

This morning I had my glucose screening and shortly afterward we saw our midwife. We were excited to learn that our baby is growing very well. She is measuring at 29 weeks which is right on target and according to her sonogram from the last visit she is growing in the 46th percentile. She is showing all signs to being our biggest baby yet. We are very excited. We were booked out through 37 weeks for our appointments which is basically every two weeks from here until 36 weeks and then we go to every week. My midwife said she thinks baby girl here will come a little early so she only booked me through 37 weeks so we can see where we need to go from there. If she hasn't arrived by 37 weeks then I will just go in every week until she does come. Needless to say it makes me nervous that we have as little as 9 weeks and as much as 12 weeks before she makes her appearance but at the same time we are so happy. Alex can not wait to have her here. He tells me all the time he can't wait for his little girl to be here and he was super excited when the midwife said she could come as early as late April. April 21, 2009 is when I will be considered full term at 37 weeks so if we can make it to that date if not longer then we will be in good shape.

Pray that my blood work comes back in perfect condition and that our baby girl continues to grow as we are preparing our hearts and home for her.


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Will & Abby's Life said...

That's great news!

Blech, I'm not looking forward my glucose test Friday :(