Sunday, February 15, 2009

We are extremely happy with life

These past few weeks are so busy yet we are so content. We have had many things come up that could discourage us and I will be honest for a short time we were discouraged but now we are so content and we know things will work out. So many things have happened that we decided we would try to recap. Last time we blogged was about 2 weeks ago and we shared we had seen our midwife and the baby was growing good.

Last Friday we were able to see our baby at the sonogram and she is most definitely a girl which was a huge relief for me because we had already bought her bedding and I have already washed it and everything. I don't know the theme for her bedding but we got it at the NEX because it was half off. We were just excited to get away with purchasing a ten piece bedding set for only 39.99 literally since we aren't charged taxes at the NEX. At the sonogram she was weighing in at 2 pounds 2 ounces so we were very happy because she is weighing a little more than average but that is a good thing because it shows she is getting bigger. I will post those pictures as soon as I get the scanner back near the computer.

Alex had to work that same weekend so he had Monday and Tuesday off of this week and we had time to pray about some possible terrifying news. He was told a week prior that because of the new regulations he had fallen into a category where he had to put in a package in order to stay in the military. (Although they don't say it right out the military is downsizing) That would have been fine for us considering we were praying about getting out altogether but we learned that we were going to have to put in for this package in order for us to get orders to move in December. This upset us because we are one month shy of trying to even put in for orders. Anyways so basically this is the conclusion we have come up with...Alex met with the Career Board on Friday the 13th and they discussed the options. Alex will be putting in the package at the end of the month and from there the military will decide if he will be kept as his original job or if he can maybe do something else. If neither happens then we will be leaving the military altogether after he fulfills his obligations. We figured this is an answer to prayer because if we are told there is no room for him then it is obvious we are supposed to get out but if they allow him to stay in I think we are going to try to stay for a few more years in order for us to get prepared for our next move after the military. I know this is confusing because it is confusing for us but we are at peace about the situation. Hopefully we will know something within the next few months or so.

Valentine's Day was so wonderful. We spent our day just relaxing and watching movies. I sent Alex on a scavenger hunt around the house in order to find various love notes from me. He said at the end of the day he enjoyed it very much and felt extremely loved. Alex made me the sweetest card and he made us dinner and did the majority of the work with the kids so I could just relax. We had decided beforehand we would not spend any money on each other but we could show our love in other ways so at the end of the day every deed that was performed showed how much effort was put into the thought.

This week will be busy. Monday, Alex will be off because of the holiday but on Tuesday morning we will go in for lab work for my glucose screening that needs to be performed on me and then straight to the midwife. I can’t believe that we are in the third trimester already and we are seeing our midwife every two weeks. We are both anxious to see our little girl and can’t wait for her to be apart of our family.

Well we are going to enjoy this Sunday since it is nice and sunny outside reaching the mid thirties so we may enjoy the weather a bit. When the wind isn’t blowing it doesn’t feel that bad in that weather so we enjoy the days we get to go outside. We may go to stores to see what we can get for our baby and maybe something for ourselves because there is a list of things we need for just ourselves. We hope you have a wonderful day and look forward to catching up with all of you.


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