Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Appointment

I must have been off in my calculations as far as my due date when I posted my last baby update but I am now 36 weeks. I went in for my check up and the midwife told me that she can see a difference in me since the last time I saw her which was two weeks ago. I have dropped a little and she says even my demeanor has changed and she feels the baby may come soon. Her heartbeat was very strong and she grew 4 centimeters in the past two weeks. At my last visit I was measuring at 34 weeks and now I am measuring at 38 weeks. Can you say she has grown a lot? I can definitely feel the difference. She is now pushing on my cervix which is a new experience for me because I didn't notice it much with the first two pregnancies but with this pregnancy I feel like I am going to drop her every time I walk. My cervix is definitely softening and I am beginning to show signs that early labor may be setting in. I started having menstrual cramps this morning and this was something I never really noticed with my first two pregnancies but I am noticing now and my midwife said that those are minor contractions. She tells me to take it easy because my body is gearing up for delivery and every little cramp will get me closer to having this baby. We have a sonogram on Thursday afternoon and unless I end up going into labor the next few days I will see my midwife again in a week. She says I am doing good though. I am putting on weight like crazy now. I am now at a 10 pound weight gain for this pregnancy which is good because up until about a month ago I was only at 6 pounds but I have put on at least 2 pounds every two weeks so she says that those are all good signs to having a decent weight baby. She just doesn't want her to be too small but she says she doesn't see that being a problem. She also told me to prepare for feeling more pressure on my bladder which didn't please me very much because I am already feeling that as she is getting ready to make her appearance. We will keep you posted as we near our due date which is not very far now. The end is in sight.


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Will & Abby's Life said...

Any day now for little Naomi's arrival :) How exciting!

I've been having some mild contractions too...but I'm pretty sure Hailey is going to be late :)