Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am now 37 weeks and nearing my 38 week mark and am very frustrated. Last Monday I started having contractions off and on and on Wednesday for a complete 24 hours I was having contractions every 12 minutes but then it stopped. This has frustrated me on so many levels because once the contractions start I just want to get the labor process over. I realize the baby will come when she is ready but I also realize that my body is exhausted from having contractions on a normal basis. Yesterday I went in and had another check up and I am officially dilating now but I was only a 1 when I left the office. I have no clue if any progress has been made since then but I am getting stronger contractions and I am just worn out. Please keep our family in prayer as we are nearing the end of this pregnancy and I am beginning to get a little more irritable with everyone around me. I am trying not to say anything period but every once in a while I say something I wish I didn't. For instance my babies come and run to me to give me a hug but they happen to do it when I am getting a contraction and I get so upset and tell them to please leave the room. My babies don't deserve that so I have been trying to suck up the pain and give them hugs and kisses so they know I still love them. They know something is different and every once in a while Isaiah will say, "Mommy you alright?" I love my babies but I must admit at this point in the pregnancy I am not liking this part at all right now. Today is a new day and I am grateful that we have this day to enjoy. I thank you for all your support and prayers. I finally downloaded the sonograms up to date so here is where our baby is at this point. Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Wow that does sound very frustrating. I'm so sorry. But how exciting, your new little one is almost here!

Will & Abby's Life said...

Yikes, that would be frustrating. I've been wondering how you're doing and if you had had the baby yet...I think it's fun that our girls will be so close in age. Hope your day is going well and that the contractions get you into "real" labor soon!