Monday, April 6, 2009

Nearly 36 Weeks...

It is funny because last Tuesday I was telling my mom that I don't see this baby coming any time soon and how great I feel for being this close to the end and a few days later I started to feel differently. Friday evening I began to have some pretty painful pains and for the most part I only feel this pain when I walk because I begin to feel pressure. I also feel like she is starting to drop a little and I am not carrying her so high. I have kind of just put myself on bed rest because I really want to wait until at least next Tuesday so my midwife can check me out again and let me know what she thinks.

Saturday and Sunday, Alex had to work so I worked on tax returns and then scrapbooked on Nathanael's album. I am trying to finish this so I won't be so behind on Naomi's album when she gets here. I was able to complete 3 months worth of pictures in two days so I was pretty impressed given my time frame. I normally do scrapbooking during the few hours that the kids nap so they don't get into any of my things.

Today and tomorrow, Alex is off because this is his weekend and I will take it a little more easy now that I have help for two days and enjoy my time with him. He is ready for the baby to come but I want to wait just a little longer just to make sure she grows as much as she needs to. After he goes back to work we have a really short week and then we celebrate Easter which will be a nice break.

Please pray that the Lord continues to keep his hands on this precious baby I have in my belly and continues to give me the strength to endure the last few weeks. I never realized how tired I get during the end of pregnancies. Maybe it is because I have two active boys and one of them I am in the process of potty training and the other I am trying to keep from destroying everything. Hope you have a good week.

In Christ,



Anonymous said...

Yes, I would imagine you are quite busy with your little handful of men and new baby coming fast. I hope all goes well :) I'm excited for you guys!

Tara said...

Girl I'm amazed by you! I'm exhausted with two little ones running around and you have two running around and one in your belly! It's almost the end and you are going to be so excited with a little girl!! I can't wait to see pics :) Hope potty training goes good...I am really not looking forward to that! hehe Gauge seems somewhat interested but not really. He will be 2 at the end of the month. Boys seem tricky to potty train! Good luck!!