Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Times with Old Friends

Yesterday one of my old roommates from Teen Mania came to Maine to visit. She is doing an east coast tour with a friend and they perform at open mikes up along the east coast. They wanted to come to Maine so I told her if she was ever my way we would host her and her friend. We were so blessed to have her come up here and stay with us for an evening. I hadn't seen J. for about 9 years now and it was nice seeing what she is up to now while being able to show her what my life is like now. Alex was excited to just meet another friend of mine from Teen Mania because he enjoys meeting all of the people I spent a few years of my life with. Our time was short as she left this morning around 10ish and they were heading to Boston. They have some open mikes set up for the next few days and I am sure they will stay busy. Please pray for J. and S. as the Lord directs them through this tour and that they have safe travels.

I know my time with J. and S. were short but it was so refreshing to see a familiar face and to be able to enjoy the company of fellow believers. I even got to try Thai food for the first time. Alex and I have been wanting to try this little restaurant since we moved up here but have been hesitant because we only go out to eat like twice a month if we are lucky and when we do get the chance to eat out we rather spend our money on food we like just in case we don't like the food but J. mentioned the restaurant and how her and S. wanted to try it out because they love Thai food so we said well lets try it out. We ordered food in and Alex and I fell in love with our orders and we will definitely be trying some new food from that restaurant.

I thank the Lord that he has blessed me with such wonderful friends and for blessing me with times of encouragement which is what he did by bringing J. and S. to visit. Both Alex and I were very encouraged and sad to see them leave but we know we will see them again someday.


Will & Abby's Life said...

Yum! We love Thai too! What did you try and what did you like?

Benavides Family said...

Alex ordered me something they titled T.L.N but it was basically noodles with shrimp, brocolli, and snow peas. I loved it. I also tried some curry rice but it was a little too much for me right now with my heartburn issues. Alex had some spicy meal that I decided from just looking at it I wasn't going to try it because it had peppers of all kinds. He is really the one who ordered because I stayed at home with the kids and they just brought the food back to us. Nathanael loved the curry rice though and it was so funny to watch him use the chopsticks to stick them in the boxes and then pull it out and he looked confused because everyone else had food on their sticks but he didn't.